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AM Denmark - Since 1971

Record cleaner

No. 2015002

Specially formulated to liberate your gear from all dust, dirt and greasy fingerprints, the AM cleaning solution is highly efficient, safe and non-abrasive.

Contains: 200 ml AM record cleaner and a gentle lint free cotton cloth made for vinyl records.


Clean sound since 1971

Getting down and dirty in the grooves of your vinyl since 1971, the AM Record cleaner is the safest and most effective way to freshen up your record collection. AM Record Cleaner is the original non-abrasive deep cleaning solution, specially formulated to eliminate dust, dirt and static build-up. Experience dramatically improved sound quality and prolonged record life. The reduction in friction during playback will also hugely benefit the longevity of your stylus. Ideal for every day cleaning or even the dirtiest vinyl. Apply the solution to the lint free cotton cloth to absorb oil and grime without leaving a residue.

How it works

Spray the record cleaner either directly on the record making sure not to wet the label, or spray directly on the cotton cloth. Take the cotton cloth and gently wipe the record following the grooves all the way around. Work your way inwards tracing out the circular line markings on the record. Finally, enjoy static free playback, reduced wear and prolonged life of your records.


Smoother, richer
tonal balance


Vast improvement in soundstage clarity and instrumental definition


dynamic range


Improved bass


Increased vinyl


Substantial reduction
in vinyl noise floor

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