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AM Denmark - Since 1971

Since 1971

Way back in 1971, a young Anders Moesgaard was inspecting the damage incurred by his Roxy Music records after his older brother’s rambunctious partying rendered them unplayable. Realizing that the product he needed to whip his prized collection back into acceptable shape wasn’t on the market, he started to experiment in his parent’s garage. After a lengthy trial and error process, the Danish teenager finally arrived at the cleaning solution that formed the foundation of AM.


The beginning

For the love of great sound

On the back of the success generated by the AM cleaning solution as well as the anti-static carbon fiber brush—the first of its kind—AM grew, evolved and expanded its product range. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, the Danish company saw itself embracing and enhancing new and emerging technologies needing regular care and effective cleaning.

Driven by the love the high-fidelity listening experience, AM made its way through different physical formats and media—from the Cassette-storing ‘Cassette-O-Matic’ to VHS tapes, Compact Disc care, and beyond.

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AM Today

The next generation

The love of great sound grew out of an insatiable passion for music. A small-scale listening problem prompted an ingenious, large-scale solution—the enduring care product that remains as timeless as it is relevant to the needs of record enthusiasts the world over. 

Today, the spirit of enthusiasm and ingenuity lives on in Anders Moesgaard’s two sons, Jacob and Frederik Moesgaard. Informed by progressive, contemporary culture, the lasting legacy of Danish design, and an unbridled fascination with technology, the next generation of AM is immersed in the contemporary, physical listening experience.

Making new friends

The next stage of AM has been filled with collaborations and partnerships. Ninja Tune, Rough Trade, Ghostly International and Warp Records are among some of the latest record labels and cultural institutions to join forces with the evolving AM community.  

Collaborating with new and interesting people, brands and organizations is a central part of how AM evolves as an organization—and as people. It spurs growth and takes the company to new and exciting places.

The Culture of Sound—getting physical and immersive

In 2022, AM believes that technology, and particularly physical music formats, are an extension of our humanity. Without the tactile tools that enrich our daily lives, creating new sound cultures and life-changing listening experiences in their wake, we have a feeling we’d be a lot less human.

The elaborately conceived hi-fi system, the classic turntable, the hissing cassette and the sleek, futuristic CD; these remarkable feats of design and engineering have united cultures and communities across generations. 

AM was founded out of uncontainable enthusiasm. The next generation is now taking that legacy into the future inspired by world-changing achievements within culture, design and technology.      


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