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How do I clean my records—and why is record care important?

A grimy record means poor sound quality. Taking care of your records by cleaning them regularly prolongs the lifespan of your vinyl. It's better for the environment, too. Dive into our comprehensive care guide for the details.

How do I become a certified AM Clean Sound dealer?

We’re always looking for fresh, new perspectives. If you think we might be a good match, get in touch with us at:

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. With the exception of a few countries: xx. Additionally, by shopping on this website, you automatically accept the below terms and conditions. We therefore recommend that you read them thoroughly before shopping. We reserve the right to cancel an order if the product is not available for any reason. If this is the case, we will notify you and refund for the payment that you made.

At AM, we strive to provide our customers with fast delivery, and we aim to send the product within 1-2 working days. The total estimated shipping time is 4-5 days. Read more in our shipping section.

What’s your background and how did AM Clean Sound get off the ground?

AM was founded in 1971 by a young Anders Moesgaard looking for a solution to his treasured, yet dirty Roxy Music records defiled by his brother’s rambunctious partying. Anders experimented with cleaning solutions in his garage and came up with the mix of ingredients, which would go on to form the basis of AM Clean Sound. Read more in our About section.

What kind of ingredients does your cleaning solution contain? 

The AM Clean Sound cleaning solution contains water, anti-static agent and solvent. For the full range of ingredients, see our safety info.


AM Clean Sound is committed to designing vinyl and cassette care products that last. Product that look great, feel timeless and aren’t disposable in any way, shape or form. We believe that a responsibility-minded company should look at the longevity of its products and its supply chain first.