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Fred Perry anti-static record mat

No. 2015005FP
Anti-static carbon fiber felt record mat that removes static for hiss and pop free listening.


Clean sound since 1971

Silence background noise and improve your soundstage, imaging, and tonal accuracy with the Anti-static record mat. Made from felted carbon filaments to reduce friction and static build-up, the Anti-static record mat offers the clean sound of felt without the static. The self-damping properties of the carbon fiber are especially effective with analogue playback, where small stray vibrations can cause big problems. Open up the sound spectrum of your collection and improve their every day performance.

How it works

Set the anti-static record mat onto the turntable spindle, making sure it is fully seated. Make sure the carbon side is facing upwards towards the vinyl record.


Smoother, richer
tonal balance


Vast improvement in soundstage clarity and instrumental definition


dynamic range


Improved bass


Increased vinyl


Substantial reduction
in vinyl noise floor

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