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Vinyl Factory: Danish Company Unveils Sleek New Vinyl Cleaning Products

When even your cleaning products need to look cool.

Originally posted by Vinyl Factory.

Danish company AM has unveiled a minimalist new line of vinyl cleaning products. Reviving a range that has been a household name since the 1970s, the company are offering sleek new record cleaners, stylus cleaners, anti-static matts, vinyl brushes, gear wipes, as well as a handful of cassette cleaning products.

As AM’s CEO Jacob Moesgaard says: “We’re delighted to bring back our range of cleaning products for analogue music; it’s been really fun to hear such positive feedback from both the original generation of vinyl collectors who’ve been familiar with AM for over 40 years, as well as the new generation of younger music fans who are ditching Spotify to listen to tape and vinyl for the first time.”

According to AM, their record cleaner is specially formulated and virtually unaltered since 1971 and the vinyl brush is made from real carbon fibres to eliminate static and remove the dust and fine particles that can negatively impact on the sound of your records.

Each item is available individually or as a starter pack for £29.99, which includes the 200ml record cleaner, anti-static brush, stylus cleaner, pick-up brush and anti-static cloths.

See their website for more details and take a closer look at the products below.

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