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AM x Ninja Tune

With twenty seven years of experience and hundreds of releases, Ninja Tune has become one of the most respected independent labels in all of music.


Created in 1990 by the duo known as Coldcut: pioneers of the emerging hip-hop/electro scene in the eighties, Ninja Tune’s catalogue – sometimes arch, often kooky, invariably hard-to-categorise – remains one of the most diverse around.

Releasing artists ranging from the sonic landscapes of crunchy, distorted vocals and dreamy, filmic layers of Forest Swords to the timeless, uplifting melancholy of Bonobo, Ninja Tune has carved out an aesthetic and vibe of their own.

Being major Ninja Tune fans, we were pretty psyched to be given the opportunity to partner up on a limited edition carbon fiber Vinyl brush and Record cleaner. Produced in a limited number, the collaboration is available directly from Ninja Tune.

AM x Ninja Tune Vinyl brush available here.

AM x Ninja Tune Record cleaner available here.

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